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Product Description

Transformer is mega popular serviceable  atomizer , manufactured Israel. Have unique design – and can be used as drip atomizer or  tank. Connector board is similar to Gurman atomizer, however Transformer has a full tank for 2 ml, and can be used with most standard drip tips.

Made of stainless steel with high quality treatment at CNC machines.


  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Has a side bottom blowing
  • Connector 510 – carved whole, no wires and soldering
  • Connector platform made of steel, and have high racks
  • Can be used as a tank atomizer or drip atomizer
  • Compatible with most standard drip tips
  • Designed to operate with any electronic cigarettes, with a standard EGO 510 connector.

The Transformer rebuildable atomizer is for experienced vapers only. This product requires technical aptitude and the ability to re-wind the coil back around the replacement wick.You should have the technical knowledge and aptitude so you can fully enjoy the Transformer. In addition, we suggest users have possession of multimeter and the knowledge how to properly use it. Due to the nature of this product we are unable to provide any type of warranty, refund or exchanges and are not responsible for any damages to your e-cigarette device that may be sustained from improper use of this product.


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