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Product Description

Designed with a unique technology, using only high quality ingredients, ECI Vaping label series embodies unique flavors and aromas and will provide an unforgettable taste sensation with soaring electronic cigarettes.

It has been produced using the latest developments. All ECI Vaping e-liquids tested by group of the electronic cigarette smokers and got the only highest evaluation of quality and taste.

Base Ingredients:

55% Propylene Glycol
45% Vegetable Glycerine
Natural & Artifical Flawers

  • Highest Quality Nicotine – from J&G pharmaceutical factory 99.9% by EP6.0
  • Food additive Propylene Glycol, Clean USP (55%)
  • Food additive Glycerine, Clean USP 99.5% (45%)
  • No added artificial or natural sweeteners

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0mg, 2mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, 36mg


30ml, 100ml

2 reviews for Tobacco Real cigarette

  1. shlom

    very good cigarete taste e-liquid

  2. TOFIQ

    замечательная жидкость! соответствует заявленному вкусу! вкус очень похожий на сигаретный! достаточно крепкий . хорошо подойдет для любителей табачных жидкостей и для тех у кого ностальгия по сигаретам

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