American style

קולקציה אמריקן סטייל טעמי טבק מובחרת וטעמים נוספים לסיגריה האלקטרונית

The best collection of tobacco and other

All E-juice is mixed fresh when you order it. To get the best taste, keep in a dark area for atleast a few days upto a week or 2 and shake it once a day and keep the lid on. This is standard for e-juice. The more everything ages together, the more full flavor you get(like a wine). Of course you can try it, and even compare how it tastes when you get it, compared to a week later(if you can keep it that long!) Theres quite a few different ways to “steep” your juice, this is just my prefered method. You can also open the cap every couple days, and let new oxygen into the container, and give it a good shake after, and put back in the dark.

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