Do Electronic Cigarettes Work For Tobacco Cigarette Cessation?

When electronic cigarettes first appeared on the international market, a lot of people started making claims that they offered the ultimate solution to keep people from smoking. However, there is no direct scientific evidence supporting this idea and even some claims to the contrary. Some people believe that electronic cigarettes could serve as a gateway to tobacco use by minors and other easily influenced demographics. At the same time though, thousands of satisfied customers swear by the product’s ability to help them lower their dependency on tobacco cigarettes. Do electronic cigarettes work? It’s up to you to find out!

What you should know about electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are small devices usually designed to look like regular cigarettes. This applies to the majority of e cig models in the market. E cigs have a battery-powered internal atomizer that heats up an e-liquid inside a cartridge, converting that liquid into vapour and releasing that vapour whenever the user inhales on it. Electronic cigarettes look and function like regular tobacco cigarettes in many respects, but they do not burn any substance or release any real smoke. The vapour is typically a mixture of tiny water particles, additives, nicotine, and flavouring.

vaping electronic cigarettes at work

Electronic cigarettes cannot be marketed as a tobacco replacement product because they have not yet been proven to be able to help smokers quit. One study found that nicotine transport was less efficient in subjects that used electronic cigarettes than with those who used tobacco cigarettes. Because they have not yet been studied extensively enough, electronic cigarettes remain in a state of regulatory controversy. They are not allowed to be sold to those under the age of 18 in many countries, even though they are a relatively safer product. Should electronic cigarettes be classified under tobacco regulation, or ‘nicotine replacement therapy’ regulations, or as electrical devices? The debate continues.

Do electronic cigarettes work to lower dependency on tobacco?

It can be argued that electronic cigarettes do work in many cases. For example, some people smoke less because of an addiction to nicotine and more because they have developed a habit based around the hand-to-mouth movement or oral fixation. Electronic cigarettes are the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes because they satisfy the psychological expectations faced by these smokers – including the dependency on nicotine. Many e cigarette smokers have found it easy to switch directly from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Others have found that, while e cigarettes did help them to lower their dependency, tobacco smoking was not removed from their lifestyles altogether. As you can see, the efficacy of electronic cigarettes varies widely between each individual user, so it is incorrect to say that they will work effectively for everyone that decides to use them.

Do electronic cigarettes work? This question should be left to the interpretation of the user. It’s safe to say that you’ll never really know unless you give them a try. It really depends on what you mean by ‘work’. If work means you want the ability to smoke anywhere, and you want to save money, then yes, they undoubtedly do work and extremely well. As for helping you to quit, the only way to know for sure, is to give a VAPESTICK® a try and see if makes you feel less dependent on tobacco cigarettes, or assists you in quitting altogether – everyone is different.


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