Are E Cigs Bad for You?

Many people have been asking the question: are e cigs bad for you? The answer to this question is more complicated than a simple yes or no. A definitive “no” would be incorrect, especially with scientific evidence proving that extended nicotine use could cause a variety of health problems. However, not all e cigarettes contain nicotine, so it is equally foolish to ask are e cigs bad for you and then walk away with the conclusion that they are. In addition, the question should also ask “when compared to tobacco cigarettes”. Compared to tobacco cigarettes, e cigarettes present far less of a threat to human health and are undoubtedly a great alternative.


Are e cigs safe – situations where they might not be

Although it would be nice to say that e cigs are completely safe, there are certain situations where they might not be as safe as some promoters would like us to assume. Some cheap imitation models have been circulating the UK market, and these e cigarettes have not met the quality standards of major e cigarette manufacturers. It is difficult to know exactly what goes into these cheap refill cartridges, and like anyone concerned about their health it would be unwise to assume that a cheap model that has not been tested for safety is absolutely safe for your health. Avoid these cheaper e cigarette imitations and instead stick to electronic cigarettes that have been produced by well known and reputable manufacturers, and you won’t need to ask the question ‘are e cigs safe’ again.

Couple in bed vaping their e cigs

Public concerns

Some sectors of the general public are concerned about whether or not are e cigarettes safe for other reasons. Some people feel that the e cigarette might serve as a gateway to tobacco cigarettes for younger people. This is because e cigarettes are marketed as a stylish alternative to tobacco cigarettes that are healthier, and because they are also offered with various different flavours. If e cigarettes are seen as absolutely safe, it could potentially cause young people who have never smoked in their lives to try them out just for the fun of it. This could result in unnecessary exposure to nicotine, which as mentioned earlier, is a stimulant that could be associated with potential health problems.

To keep young people away from e cigarettes as much as possible, governments throughout the world have made it illegal for those under the age of 18 to purchase them. This is true in the UK as well, where you will have to present valid ID when buying e cigs, just as you would when buying tobacco cigarettes. In the US, the FDA is planning to regulate e cigs as a tobacco product, so its possible that at some point e smokers might no longer be able to smoke in those public areas where tobacco products are now outlawed.



e cigs bad for you

? Although the answer is a little complicated, you can reasonably conclude that they are relatively safe for smokers to use as an alternative to tobacco and could help lower dependence on tobacco cigarettes. They are probably not safe for young people to smoke, and people who have not started taking nicotine should stay away from e cigarettes containing nicotine. A decision on are e cigarettes safe currently depends entirely on the feelings of the person using them.

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