E-cigs – Why people often call them Healthy Electronic Cigarettes

Why has the term ‘healthy electronic cigarettes’ become so widely used? Well, these devices do provide a safe way to get a fix of nicotine that does not rely on conventional tobacco burning. No toxic smoke is produced in the process of vaporisation, and the vapour that is inhaled into your lungs does not contain the harmful chemicals and carcinogens. All this is true, but this doesn’t make electronic cigarettes ‘healthy’ because nicotine affects blood pressure and the oxygen levels in the human body, causing the release of dopamine in the brain, but it does make them ‘healthier’.

Tobacco smoke contains nicotine of course, but many people don’t realise it is just one of 70 other toxic chemicals, mostly carcinogenic, also in there too. Among the other toxic substances found in tobacco smoke are: butane (from cigarette lighters), cadmium (from batteries), stearic acid (candle wax), toluene (industrial solvent), ammonia (toilet cleaner), methanol (rocket fuel), carbon monoxide, arsenic (poison), methane (sewer gas), acetic acid (vinegar) and hexamine (barbeque lighter)!

Couple in a café smoking electronic cigarettes

It is therefore plain to see that electronic cigarettes are therefore a far healthier alternative that smokers have long dreamed of – it is now possible to smoke without taking on these huge health risks. This ability to freely smoke while remaining safe from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke is one of the main reasons the label of healthy electronic cigarettes has been adopted by so many people.

Why healthy electronic cigarettes are attractive

Some people find the possibility of smoking without damaging your lungs almost a little too far-fetched, yet this is exactly what smokers can achieve with these so-called healthy electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have small cartridges that contain a solution of just nicotine, propylene glycol (a food additive), and flavouring. The solution is then converted into vapour by an atomiser inside the e cigarette, and this vapour is released through the electronic cigarette’s mouth piece as you drag on it.

When you inhale the vapour, you get the familiar throat hit, along with the sensation of having a dense, smoke-like substance fill your mouth and lungs. Many electronic cigarette smokers believe the experience to be almost as real as smoking a regular cigarette. For those that find it to be somewhat different, it is still a more sensible alternative than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

These ‘healthy electronic cigarettes’ do not leave behind any yellow stains on teeth, clothing, hands, or furniture. The vapour produced by the e cigarette itself dissipates into the air within a few seconds and does not leave behind any unpleasant odours that linger behind on clothing. You no longer have to worry about the harmful effects of second hand smoke either when you are smoking what so many are calling healthy electronic cigarettes.


It’s easy to see why so many people call them healthy electronic cigarettes. But they are not healthy, they are healthier. These products are only just starting to spread waves around the globe and many people remain entirely unaware of their existence. Perhaps if these healthy electronic cigarettes continue to be marketed extensively, but as a ‘healthier alternative’ – which is what they really are, then more smokers will be able to keep their health in check and still enjoy smoking. Whilst they are not healthy, electronic cigarettes certainly are healthier and also truly remarkable devices.

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