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The Many Benefits of the E Fag

Maybe you have heard about electronic cigarettes in an on-line advertisement or TV ad. Perhaps you are uncertain about the advantages that marketers claim these e cigarettes deliver. Are they safe? Do they work as a good alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes? It’s not always easy to know if an e fag would suit your […]

E-cigs – Why people often call them Healthy Electronic Cigarettes

Why has the term ‘healthy electronic cigarettes’ become so widely used? Well, these devices do provide a safe way to get a fix of nicotine that does not rely on conventional tobacco burning. No toxic smoke is produced in the process of vaporisation, and the vapour that is inhaled into your lungs does not contain […]

Artificial Cigarettes – The Future of the Electronic Cigarette

Are you looking for a comfortable alternative to tobacco cigarettes? Are you tired of having to step outside to smoke when you’re out partying with friends, or down at the local pub? There is a great alternative available to you.

Are E Cigs Bad for You?

Many people have been asking the question: are e cigs bad for you? The answer to this question is more complicated than a simple yes or no. A definitive “no” would be incorrect, especially with scientific evidence proving that extended nicotine use could cause a variety of health problems. However, not all e cigarettes contain […]

Why E-Cigarettes are the Best Smoking Alternative

E Cig News – Electronic cigarettes are widely accepted these days, and are fully legal in the UK as well as most of the world. Smoking e cigs has become a hobby for numerous folks who were either looking for a way to stop depending so much on cigarettes or simply wanted an alternative to […]

Do Electronic Cigarettes Work For Tobacco Cigarette Cessation?

When electronic cigarettes first appeared on the international market, a lot of people started making claims that they offered the ultimate solution to keep people from smoking. However, there is no direct scientific evidence supporting this idea and even some claims to the contrary. Some people believe that electronic cigarettes could serve as a gateway […]