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Welcome to ECI Vaping site!  ברוכים הבאים לאתר שלנו

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באוסף האקזוטי, תוכל למצוא את הטעמים של הפרות האהובים עליך שמיוצרים בתמציות טעם טבעיות עבור הסיגריה האלקטרונית שלך

קטגוריה עשה זאת בעצמך, לעזור ביצירת טעמים לסיגריה אלקטרונית, עשויים עם הידיים שלכם


We love to vape and try to do all we can for a quality vaping.

It all started a year ago with the idea of converting our preferable atomizer to the tank.
Thus was born the Transformer which can be used both as a tank and as a dripping device.

As with any business, it was a start. Now that we have the experience, we want to share our ideas for the improvement of vaping, which would reflect in our products.

ibvape.com also is the official store of the largest Israeli Russian-speaking forum www.ecigisrael.com.

Today we are proud to present the Loco. This extraordinary poly filler tank enables qualitatively vaping for a long time.
Especially for the Loco was invented a new base. It has been six months of tests and inspections.
Try the Loco and it will not disappoint you!

Soon we will present our tank – Eden, and the mechanical tube mod – Abir.

Try e-liquids that we produce, the Exotic line, it will surprise you with natural fruit flavors of completely organic ingredients.

ECI Vaping team

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